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HYT 151-DL-43-NF-AS SKULL 51 MM Replica watch
07-19-2019, 04:54 AM,
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HYT 151-DL-43-NF-AS SKULL 51 MM Replica watch
[Image: HYT%20Skull%20Watch%20151-DG-44-GF-AB.jpg]
HYT Skull Maori observation review

HYT swiss replica watches is a brand that likes to be different. If you are not familiar with this emerging operation, their brand information can be summarized in two simple terms: watchmaking and fluids. In all of HYT's innovative timepieces, the hour is indicated by a colored liquid that passes through a custom capillary that surrounds (or passes through) the dial. This is a novel concept, the brand team has an avant-garde styling - this combination can generate strong opinions and a lot of debate on the merits and shortcomings of its goods.

The dial pattern of the HYT Skull Maori watch not only appears here (debut here) requires the fluid-filled capillary to bend to its will, it is so huge that it eliminates the possibility of installing the minute hand. I spent a few days on my wrist with HYT Maori, I have time to form some opinions; and I am sure it will also stimulate a series of feelings for everyone who looks better.

I am very fortunate to be able to catch a HYT watch. There is a word in my head: work hard. The ready-made brand from Neuchâtel always brings exciting new things. Sometimes they do this with revolutionary technology; sometimes they do it with bold design; sometimes they do this by forming dynamic partnerships with aspiring institutions, but whatever they do, they bring A person full of joy and absolute assurance, they will like their new products.

Wearing hyt skull watch Maori watches for a few days is more concerned than usual. For beginners, 51mm, it is quite large (good, huge), so it can't be noticed. But this watch looks bigger than any other watch that uses the established HYT H1 watch because it is made of rose gold and hand-carved into a dazzling effect.

So let me define the meaning of "attention". People noticed the watch from the 20th step, and then rushed to see what this gleaming wrist giant is. Their reactions are quick, but they are different. Before they began to appreciate the mechanical majesty of their work, most people scoffed at its appearance. But very few people don't get it. do you know? I bet HYT won't want any other way.

When they decided to give up the minute hand, they must have known that they would be criticized. Before returning to my opinion of the Maori, I would say that many of the people who talked to me about the watch listed this omission as their number one complaint. Someone asked if it did not qualify as a watch to clearly indicate the time.

This is a fair enough deduction, but I missed it a bit. If you have the ability to buy this brand culture, you may occasionally wear this piece when you don't need to know the exact time of it. For mortals who are unlikely to have HYT, this watch is highly appreciated for its artistic value and is known for its technical achievements.arnold and son watches

Starting from the technical side, because this is HYT's most famous, let's study the capillary filled with liquid: the challenge of this watch, like all the watches in the HYT Skull series, is the glass tube that it calls through it. Maintain a consistent flow of fluid as you bend. From the H1, H2 and H4 models, HYT's standard level indicator is impressive enough, but when you compare it to the technical challenges of the skull watch, they are almost dwarfed. This is another brazen attempt to the unknown and is very satisfying in action.

It is very difficult to limit yourself to constantly playing the "time setting" function. Screw-in rubber-coated crown in the neutral position and pull out once to set the hour. When the crown is rotated, the moment lags, and the red liquid of the HYT Skull Maori watch crawls around the focus of the dial until it reaches the end of the stroke and traces its pace.

Technically, this can be used as a retrograde hour indicator, but it is the laziest I have ever seen. Unless you do this in an hour, it's hard to set the time accurately, but as I mentioned, this watch is more about the fusion of crafts, not about time. You will never see the HYT timing of the Olympics.

So what did I learn from the HYT skull Maori watch after I wore it? What did I collect from the press release? As mentioned above, it is very large, but like all other HYT watches in this ratio, I found it very comfortable due to its light and comfortable strap. The strap is rubber-lined and the leather is inlaid with a concave Maori tribal motif. It's actually more comfortable than some of the canvas straps I used on HYT watches, as good as I thought. I have a relatively small wrist, about six and a half inches, but I can wear this strap on the second hole, which I think is amazing. To see how it sits on the woman's wrist, I tied it to my colleague and took a photo. As you can see, it looks like the wrist at home is lighter than mine.

The carving on the skull replica watches sale itself is not as complicated as I thought, but it is incredibly clear. In the rendering of the press, the entire skull looks like the color of rose gold, but in metal, the lower level is actually silver plated. This provides a clearer contrast and has the effect of "thinning" the dial decoration. The embossed polished surface is highly reflective and captures every stray beam. One of the benefits is that light is refracted into the capillary to illuminate the red liquid.

A relatively minor criticism of this watch is the accuracy of the Maori design. I have heard a lot of chatter about this element and think it is worth improving. In my opinion, these designs are more like Art Nouveau scrolls than Maori tribes, but there is a lot of diversity and variation in any culture; so it is impossible to find a real gross profit for this watch. People's inspiration is not correct. It may be inspired by a small part of Maori art, so it can be said to be wrong, but I think it is reasonable. This may be a good opportunity for the brand to work with real Maori craftsmen, but the result is aesthetically pleasing.

I did some digging into the history of the Maori design and found some patterns that looked vaguely like skull marks, but I didn't spend too much time in or around the culture, I am convinced that some evidence of this style is gross. People's inspiration can be dredged under stress. As they say, lack of evidence does not prove absent, so maybe I have not found the right place.

The first thing that surprised me by the previous oving last time was to restore the rosy color used by the normal display - this is something I have never seen before. I really appreciate hyt watches attempts to achieve color consistency, but I may prefer transparent crystal. Some people may think that the movement architecture is a bit blocky, but I like it relatively simple - despite all these cuts and curves, it does add some visual complexity to the overall layout... and, most importantly, how can it Get boring cooling and unique bellows pumping fluid through the capillary?

The strange side effect of the rose back is its effect on the bellows when viewed from the front. Because it can actually be seen through the watch, through the gap between the bellows, you can see the bottom surface of the rose anti-reflective coating, which looks green from the front.

When I first noticed the nuclear glow between the "teeth" of the skull, I was not fully aware of what happened, but I think this strange optical illusion is produced by an anti-reflective coating, just like The front crystal is sometimes blue in some respects. The blue hue on the front sapphire has been somewhat unpopular in recent years (they are usually the result of poor AR craftsmanship, not completely transparent or "white" crystals), but I have a soft spot for them. But in this case, I am not sure if I like the green red result. This is very festive, but I think good old-fashioned blue may make this palette better. But I think it does add a cool element to the overall look of the dial.

If you dare to delve into the eyes of the Maori skull, you will find that the one on the left is a disc and the left is a power reserve indicator. Both discs are printed with black and white gradients. The power reserve disk moves very slowly and appears to be stationary, but of course, the seconds plate will always move significantly. I like the visual interest of sports - even though it is still very subtle - on a very inactive dial.

The core of this dial is still the hand-carved skull - no surprises. This is significant for the brand, because this is the first time HYT has used old world technology, in this case hand-carved, on the shape of the watch. This is an intoxicating fusion, the success or failure of this particular work depends on:

I am a big fan of this watch color scheme. The original HYT Skull watch looks a bit like a triathlete tribute, and the piece has gone a long way, showing a sense of medieval glory that may appear in the court of King Henry VIII. Glittering gold, luxurious red, warm brown... This is a very lush thing, deliberately polarized in its design. It does not need to attract a large number of consumer markets, but it will certainly be fully reviewed. In my opinion, it is a good complement to the HYT Skull watch,devon watches, but I prefer models with more traditional layouts.

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