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10-18-2019, 04:25 AM,
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Is your human hair extensions tangled? Matted? Unrecognizable?

Well guess what? There’s hope! Here’s a way to bring your weave back to life and prep it for your next install, extending the lifetime of your weave while saving you some coins.

Dry, dull Indian remy hair weave (before)
First, you want to detangle.  Just like your natural hair, you don’t want to throw water on it and start combing and ripping it to shreds.  Depending on how bad the situation is, you can also put some conditioner on the hair to provide some slip. You can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil diluted with water.  Start from the bottom up when detangling so you don’t rip out any strands from the weft

Once detangled, soak the hair for about 20 minutes in Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water. This will work as a cleaning agent to get rid of the buildup on the hair and clean the wefts and lace front wigs.  If you are attempting to revive while your hair is installed, you can put the ACV mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on to the hair and leave it.  Yes, I know it smells but that goes away once you’re all rinsed out.

Next is the wash.  First rinse out the ACV mixture from your Brazilian body wave hair.  Remember, this is hair not laundry so you want to make sure rinsing from top to bottom and not scrubbing as scrubbing with cause even more tangling.  Then get a gentle clarifying shampoo to finish removing the buildup of product on the Remy hair.  You can use Suave Clarifying Shampoo.  This is inexpensive (usually $0.99) and can be found at Walmart, Target, and even the dollar store.    You’ll probably start seeing some brown as you lather and rinse.   This is normal and a good thing.  It means the build up is going BYE BYE. 

Do another shampoo.  But this time, shampoo with Silicon Mix.  Silicon Mix is the defibrillator for a weave on life support.  Do a good shampoo/soak with this and rinse.  You will see your Brazilian deep wave hair come back to her old beautiful self.

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