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Google Will Let You Search Through Your Thousands of Open Tabs
08-05-2020, 08:16 PM,
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Google Will Let You Search Through Your Thousands of Open Tabs
While I typically use my browser with only a handful of tabs open at the same time, there are plenty of people out there who actually keep tens, hundreds, of even thousands of sites loaded at the same time. While it’s hard to find a good reason for anyone doing this, it looks like there are lots of people who open tons of tabs in Google Chrome, as the search giant has recently decided to develop a feature that would make it easier to find the tab they need. Called tab search, the new feature will pretty much allow users to just search for a tab in the plethora of sites that are loaded in Google Chrome. For example, this guy who loaded 6,000 tabs in Chrome would really need such a feature, although it goes without saying that at 1.4TB RAM usage recorded by the browser, searching might take a while. 

Still in its early days At this point, however, the new feature is still in its early days, so nobody knows exactly when it’s supposed to launch for users. But when it happens, expect it to go live in the Canary build of Chrome first, followed by Dev, beta, and eventually the production build. Google Chrome getting this feature is good news for the rest of Chromium browsers too, as most are likely to be updated with similar functionality as well. One of them is Microsoft Edge, the default Windows 10 browser that also launch on macOS and will soon go live on Linux too. Using Chromium as the engine that powers the whole experience, Edge is getting some of the features that make their debut in Chrome too, and I wouldn’t be very surprised to see the tab search being implemented in Microsoft’s app too.

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