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Google Showcases "Quantum Computing" Potential Over All Supercomputers
12-30-2020, 12:58 PM,
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Wink  Google Showcases "Quantum Computing" Potential Over All Supercomputers
[Image: l0ajnI.jpg]

Google announces a slotxo milestone in technology At the launch of the quantum computer operating system It claims to be able to solve the problem that a supercomputer takes 10,000 years to complete quickly within minutes.

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai announced the successful milestone of launching a quantum computer operating system on Wednesday. And that Google's quantum computer operating system has reached the level of quantum supremacy, or is superior to all supercomputers.

The competitor IBM has responded to the announcement of Google's success. That the test calculates the problem that Google mentioned If using a computer that is nowadays It only takes two and a half days, not 10,000 years, as Google claims. And that a quantum computer operating system that reaches its quantum supremacy goal must do what traditional computers can't.

Today's technology companies around the world They compete to develop a quantum computer, which uses the properties of subatomic particles to be used in processing. Resulting in a much faster processing than normal computers And it will be useful for the development of artificial intelligence, transportation, drug and pharmaceutical development in the future.

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