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Free Test Server
06-05-2016, 09:38 AM,
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Free Test Server
Hello Friends,

When I started learning coding, server management, I feel if I get any test server it will be superb!

I could learn linux, I could learn how actually apache works, which parameters are responsible for more server load. whats new in apache 2.4, whats new in PHP 7, how mail server works.. lots of curiosity on mind.

I paid a lot to learn things and finally I decided I will not pay anymore.

I setup my own dedicated server at my home, and I setup VPS infrastructure.

Who really want to learn, message me or mail me to [Image: myemail.png]

VPS features:
* OpenVZ virtualization
* 5GB MAX Disk
* VPS is accessible only on private IP (VPN access will be provided)
* Maximum 3 VPS can be provided to each
* cPanel can not be installed
* Plesk can be installed ( I have local repo)
* Local DNS server is available. whenever you will connect to VPN, DNS will be configured automatically.
* Spamming/Abusing will lead to terminate.

See you ..

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