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Fluxmeter suppliers
02-12-2020, 01:11 PM,
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Fluxmeter suppliers
Flux Density Measuring Instrument

1. Product Introduction
LZ-840 flux meter main part is the analog integrator controlled by microprocessor. Analog integrator is quite flexible, with excellent property, it can run good in different field. Embedded microprocessor not only improves the function of the integrator, and also adds a variety of useful functions to the machine.

2. Main Features
16-key keyboard, with multiplexing function
AC/DC mode
Embedded microcomputer control, automatic or manual range    
4 戮 digit display resolution, LCD display with back light function
With superior drift adjust and suppress function, high anti-noise
Multiply unit selection: Gs, Tesla, Oe, Mx, MxN, Wb, WB/N, Vs, Wb*cm^2, A, %
Store five sets of measurements coil parameters, and automatically recognize standard probes
RS-232, output interface of relay switch ( apply for PLC)
It can be remote control by computer
With function of analog signal output
Hardware peak hold
High and low threshold alarm function for local and remote control
Flexible range expansion
3. Specifications
MeasuringInput signal No.: 1
Input type: 2 terminal, ground for reference
Input resistance: 100 k or 10 kW
Maximum input voltage: 60 V
Display refresh rate: 3 times/s
DC MeasurementResolution: 4戮 digits
Integrating capacitor: 1 碌F
Input resistance: 100 k, 10 k,10 k, 10 k
Range: 400mVs,  40mVs,  4 mVs, 0.4mVs
Resolution:  0.1 mVs,  0.01 mVs,  0.001 mVs, 0.0001 mVs
Accuracy : Migration 卤10 碌Vs 卤DC integral drift
Threshold 卤 0.25% readings (maximum change rate <10Vs/s)
Min. input: d蠁/dt: 20 碌Vs/minute
Max. input: d蠁/dt: 60Vs/s
Integral migration: 卤1碌Vs/minute
DC Peak ValueResolution: 4戮 digits
Integrating capacitor: 1 碌F  W
Input resistance: 100 k, 10 k, 10 k, 10 k
Range: 400mVs, 40mVs,  4 mVs,  0.4mVs
Resolution: 0.1 mVs, 0.01 mVs, 0.001 mVs,  0.0001 mVs
Accuracy :  Migration 卤100 碌Vs 卤DC integral drift
Threshold 卤 5% readings (maximum change rate <10Vs/s)
Max. input:  d蠁/dt: 60Vs/s
AC MeasurementResolution: 4戮 digits
Integrating capacitor: 0.1 碌F  
Input resistance: 100 k,  10 k,  10 k, 10 k
Range: 40mVs,  4mVs,  0.4 mVs,  0.04mVs
Resolution: 0.01 mVs, 0.001 mVs,  0.0001 mVs,  0.00001 mVs
Frequency response range: 2 Hz to 50 kHz
Accuracy:   卤1% reading 卤 4uVs(10Hz-10kHz)
卤5% reading 卤 4uVs(2Hz-10Hz: 10kHz-50kHz)
Integral drift: N/A
Front PanelDisplay: LCD display with back light function
Display resolution: 4戮 bit
Display refresh rate: 3 times/s
Display unit: Vs, WbN, MxN, Vs/N, Wb, Mx, Gs, T, %, Oe, A, Wb*cm^2
Unit number: 碌, m, K, M, G
Keys: 16 key keyboard, with the multiplexing function
InterfaceParallel interface: DB-25 parallel port
Serial interface: Standard RS-232C, changeable baud rate
AlarmQuantity: 3
Set: High and low critical point a, in and out of region, turn on/off buzzer
Output: Buzzer sound , high , middle and low alarm relay close contactor.
RelayRelay quantity: 3
Methods: normally open, normally closed
Contactor load: 30 V DC at 2 A
Action: high and low alarm consistence , can be manually operated.
Monitor output range: 卤 5V
Accuracy: 卤 1% of display value of 卤 10 mV, (DC to 10 kHz)
卤 5% of display value 卤 10 mV, (10 kHz to 50 kHz)
Minimum load resistance: 1 K
Connector: DB25 core plug.
GeneralEnvironment temperature: -15 ~ 55 掳 C.
Power supply requirements: 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC, +5% -10%, 50 or 60 Hz, 50 VA
Size: 240mm W * 345mm L * 106 mm H
Weight: approx. 4 kg
4. Screen Description
Most of data above the white line are measured values:
<+0.0000 >: the current measured value, display 4 digits, 1 sign bit, 1 decimal bit.
<mVs>: unit of measured value, it can be set by the 鈥?em>Unit鈥?/em> key.
<R>: R means that it鈥檚 in the remote control mode at the moment, without it means local control mode; in a remote control mode, only 鈥?em>Local鈥?nbsp;key is valid in the keyboard, other keys are locked.
<2013-7-6 10:7:42> is the current system time.
<PH:+0.0000>: at the peak hold mode, value displayed, means it is the positive peak value.
<PL:+0.0000>: at the peak hold mode, value displayed, means it is the negative peak value.
<PP:+0.0000>: the absolute value of the peak value.
<1:-0.012>: under the measurement mode, the user press enter to save data, 1: means the current display data鈥檚 serial number, -0.012 is the saved data values; under this mode, through 鈥?/em>鈫?/em>鈥?/em>, 鈥?/em>鈫?/em>鈥?/em> these two keys to view different saved values.

Most of data below the white line are current state:
<DC>: shows the current mode is DC mode, DC/AC state switching by 鈥?em>AC/DC鈥?nbsp;key.
<Uc1>: the current measuring coil鈥檚 serial number.
<Coil>: the coil type.
<Range:>: the current range
<Alarm>: alarm status.

5. Application areas of flux meter
Flux meter can be widely used in magnetic areas such as: magnetic field measurement, magnetic materials research, magnetic materials measurement, quality control of magnetic components, development and quality control of magnetic system, and so on.   
     Magnetic materials                  Motor manufacturing                  Electroacoustic manufacturing      
    Machinery and equipment            Instruments and meters             
6. Common magnetic measurement coils
(1) Helmholtz Coil
Suitable for magnetic measurement of 2 poles hard magnets with axial direction magnetization ( round and block shape), it can directly measure heteromorphism magnets such as magnetic tile.
(2) Test fixture for multi-pole magnetic flux
Suitable for multi-pole magnets with radial direction magnetization, magnetic flux measurement of motor rotor/stator.
Customize fixture according to specification and number of poles of rotor/stator.
(3) Magnetic field measurement coil
Group Members
HUNAN LINKJOIN TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has three group members, detail information are as follows:
HUNAN SANLIAN MAGNETOELECTRICITY DEVICE CO., TLD. focus on huge pipeline demagnetization technology and intelligent magnetization technology, mainly research and manufacture pipeline demagnetize, impulse magnetize, impulse demagnetize. These instruments are widely used in demagnetization in constriction sites of all kinds of petroleum pipeline, pyroelectricity pipeline, water supply pipeline; magnetization and demagnetization in production sites of motor, sound speaker and fan driven generator. Adopt advanced control circuit and intelligent protection technology in the magnetization and demagnetization instruments to make them run in stable, and suitable for continuous working.
Main products are: DJ-220 Pipeline demagnetize; MPS series magnetizer and demagnetizer and relative fixtures; SL-400 Release intelligent magnetizer; SL-410 Release intelligent demagnetizer and test system.
HUNAN HARD MAGNETS MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD. Is holding by HUNAN LINKJOIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. It is a specialized company which focus on design and manufacture hard magnet industry magnetic measurement(instrument) .
HUNANLINKJOIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., has advanced technology and though in the magnetic field, relay on that, HUNAN HARD MAGNETS MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD. bring out LZ series Gaussmeter, LZ series Fluxmeter and CIM series industry hard magnet measurement instruments.
HUNAN LINKJOIN INFORMATION SAFETY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Is a total capital subsidiary company of HUNAN LINKJOIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. It is mainly focus on the research, manufacture and sale of safety and security products, such as hard disk demagnetization, file smash, information destroy, information shield and so on. It also provide all-around information privacy solutions for organization, enterprise, school, research institute, public institution, and army in the field of information safety field.
The company strictly conduct national certification system, and passed on the certificate of national security bureau and military information security product and several products gain the national patent.Fluxmeter suppliers

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