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Emotional health and caregivers
01-29-2020, 07:04 PM,
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Emotional health and caregivers
These causes can lead to compassion fatigue which leads to detrimental symptoms in professionals. These symptoms can be all encompassing as they can affect a caregiver physically, spiritually, emotionally and in their careers. Physically a caregiver can begin to experiences sleeplessness, headaches, and change in appetite. Emotionally they may have a decreased sense of enjoyment in their work. Spiritually they may also feel cynical and develop a negative outlook on their life. In their jobs caregiver may procrastinate or abandon their responsibilities. These symptoms in combination with each other can be damaging to the caregiver leaving them incapable of doing their job.

Taking care of others can be a difficult job as it requires an individual to be fully capable in order to take care of those who do not have their full capacities. In order to effectively complete these jobs caregivers must have their spiritual, physical and emotional needs be met. Spiritually a caregiver should have some form of faith in what they do. They must feel as if they are making a difference or all their effort is going towards a worthwhile goal.

Without these feelings a caregiver may be discouraged from their roles. Physically a caregiver needs to have enough sleep, food and energy to be able to complete the tasks of their position. If a caregiver is physically weak they will not be able to care for another individual. Emotionally a caregiver needs to feel content and stable in their position. Caregivers must receive some form of satisfaction from their job or they will have no desire to complete their responsibilities. A caregiver who takes care of themselves and their needs is able to provide improved care to their patients.

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12-18-2020, 09:41 AM,
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RE: Emotional health and caregivers
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