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Does my clothes match my new hairstyles?
06-03-2019, 03:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-03-2019, 03:54 AM by taylor0714.)
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Does my clothes match my new hairstyles?
Many people have this kind of myth. After changing a hairstyle, you may have a question? Does my body wave weave, deep wave weave or wet and wave weave, loose wave weave suit for my clothes?  I suddenly found out that the original clothes are strange to wear. How to see how it is not harmonious.
Are you short hair, long hair or medium long sew in weave, straight weave hair or curly weave hair,middle point or bangs? Today, I will come to solve problems for everyone, telling how to dress different clothes, the best look!
First, long hair vs short hair
Long hair long coat, short hair short coat
When the big cousin stayed long hair, he walked the domineering and glamorous big woman route, wearing a long windbreaker, and walking with the wind.
But I prefer her short hair, fresh and beautiful, and even the style of wearing has become more playful.
Denim jackets, leather jackets, bread jackets and other short jackets, to show off the long legs, but also to play the short-haired girls' youthful temperament, is it older than the long hair?
Besides, the long coats are too much, either sweet or elegant. Short hair wear may be illegal and old-fashioned.
Long hair sweater, short hair sweater
It’s so sweet like Jingjing, wearing a sweater with short hair is still a weird feeling. In general, it’s the temperament of the girl next door, not stunning.
And put on a sports sweater, instantly turned into a power girl.
Especially the hooded sweaters, like those specially designed for short hair girl papers, do not know when the long hair fairies wear hooded sweaters, have you tangled hair should be placed in the hat or hat?
Long hair low collar, short hair high collar
The black turtleneck is covered with long hair and blends with the black hair, which easily causes the neck to be thick and short.
The short hair is because the high collar emphasizes the neck, and the head body forms an unobstructed contrast, but the neck is longer and the whole person is more straight.
In addition to small high-necked, choker, clavicle chain and the like, can also make short-haired girls look better, fashion sense up several degrees 哟~
Second, high horsetail vs low pony tail
High pony tail cool, low pony tail gentle
Naza's two sets of wear are very worthy of high horsetail cool girls to learn from, sweater dress + boots, denim clothing + leather skirt, handsome with a sultry little sexy.
Change to a low pony tail to change the style of the second, floral, knit, ruffled various ladies elements pick up, take the gentle and small public line.
High horsetail black, low horsetail blue
When you wear a black one, it is very recommended that you tie a high ponytail and double your handsome value. Some bright colors, such as red, turmeric, grass green, high horsetail girls can also control the gas field!
Then, by the way, give some hair tips, and the curls are more suitable for high horsetails~
For the low ponytail, when choosing clothes, avoid the glamorous red and green, preferably blue, gray, light and natural and temperament.
Third, the middle score vs bangs
Mid-range glamorous hanging, air bangs fresh hanging
When it comes to the middle point, the first one thinks of Quan Zhixian, and when it comes to the air bangs, it will think of Song Hye Kyo. The two goddesses, just the interpretation of the two models of wearing bangs.
Mid-range glamorous route, suit, high heel, red lips, air bangs fresh oxygen route, shirt, skirt, plain makeup.
When it comes to makeup, staying in the air, bangs will not have a heavy makeup. Like the makeup of ab, it is exquisite and profound, but it reveals a kind of “sucking child”-like horror. The faint eye makeup and lip makeup on the right are more fresh and sweet. Passerby.
Of course, unless your gas field is like a rose, how about air bangs + straight hair + short hair, all the fresh elements in one, can not shake your domineering full open, you can draw a big makeup.

Key2: Side bangs Yu Sister Fan, Qi bangs Loli Fan
Meitang explained these two styles very well. When I was wearing bangs, I loved to wear windbreakers, leather jackets, red skirts, sexy domineering and intellectual calmness.
Qi Liuhai, regardless of the length of his hair, is very young, but bangs is too thick to force the fairy, so it is not recommended to take the fairy wind, try the super handsome dark loli style, a black can attack soft.
Many sister papers think that Qi Liuhai will have a pink and tender color match. In fact, it is very naive to reduce the pressure, recommend more advanced white, caramel, Modilan, so that Qi Liuhai is also atmospheric.
Fourth, straight hair vs short curly weave hair
Key: Straight hair formal wear, curly casual wear
The curls are softer and more mature than the straight hair, and the literary retro or casual style is elegant and easy to wear.
Straight hair is very skillful, and it is mainly based on minimalist style. For example, the shirts of office workers have less bells and teddy bows and straps.
And the student party, if you pull a particularly straight hair, it is recommended to match bangs or Zama tail better.
Five, light hair color vs deep hair color
Key: light hair with dark clothes, dark hair with bright color
This is a problem of contrasting colors. Light colors with light colors, hair and wear will look very bleak. If the skin color is not white enough, it will expose your black skin, and dark clothes can highlight the chic of hair color.
As long as it is not a wild black hair, so is the dyed dark hair, avoiding the appearance of yellowish color or the overall match is too dead, more pink or bright color to increase the fashion.

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