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DjAmolWap 14 Version (Advance Auto Index ) Release FREE
10-19-2014, 10:17 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-19-2014, 09:35 PM by craigibhoy.)
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DjAmolWap 14 Version (Advance Auto Index ) Release FREE
DjAmolWap 14 Version Release FREE Download
Release By DjAmol Group Inc (Certified & Award Winner Company )
Android Apk File Full Details Available Fully Added

Advance Function Available 14 version Update
Advance Admin Panel No Yes Update
Mp3 Play/Preview Yes No Update
Auto Mp3 Tag No No Update
Text Description Preview Yes No Update
Own Ads In Page Yes No Update
Skins/themes Preview Yes No Update
Share Social Networking Yes No Update
Rating Yes Yes Update
Jar Preview Yes No Update
Apk(Android) Full Details Yes Fully Added
Zip Extract Yes No Update
CommenTS Yes No Update
User SETTING Yes Yes Update
Admin Plugin Yes Yes Update

Installation Follow Step
1.Extract All Files In htdocs Or public_html
2.Create New Database
3.Open Url Site Click Install Now Link
4.Enter Details About Your Database Account With Your Website Link And New Admin Password
5.Upload All files And folder in filesdirectory for adding in site
6.Login Cpanel Yoursite.Com/cpEnter Admin Password
7.Admin=>MySQL database=>Click On Full update database 8.Done Open Your Site Admin Panel Future

Admin Panel Available in Web/Pc(/apanel.php) And WAp/Mobile9(/cp) Version
High Security For Admin Panel
New DjAmolWap Updates in Admin Pane
Advance File Manager ==>>
[F] - Complete update of all that is behind the chosen folder.
[R] - Renaming.
[Fast] - Description.
[Upd.] - Upgrading just the fact that Nekhoda in the chosen folder, nezatragivaya subsections.
[D] - Remove.
[+I] - Manualy Upload Folder Logo (Folder Id).png in folderpre
[Up] - Raise the folder on the list for 1-up.
[Down] - Lower folder list on 1 down.
[§.] - Add section (description to grupe directories).
Working with files
[R] - Renaming.
[O] - The description zasyvaetsya in the database (using [Fast]).
[Fast] - The description zasyvaetsya to file.
[D] - Remove.
[+S] - Adding screenshots.
[-S] - Removing screenshot.
DjAmol STats Counter Tracker Code Already Install Index Pages If want Add custom any page then add This Code:
HTML Code:
var src = "cp/app/djamolst/counter.php"
src += "?ref=" + escape( document.referrer );
src += "&anticache=" + new Date().getTime();
var body = document.getElementsByTagName( "body" )[0];
var image = document.createElement( "img" );
image.src = src;
body.appendChild( image );

Upload Files Directly

Import Files
Mass Renaming files
Adnvace Order Manage
All Comment View/ Delete(All/Manualy)
Full Update Database
You Are Directly Added Files And folder without using filemanager upload function then you can one click files show in your site
Semi-Automatic Update
Manualy Update Files and folder using file manager
Clean Debris from the database
Already Removed/deleted files clear data in your database
Cleaning DB
fully cleaning Database
Seo Sitemap About apanel.php?action=seo(only Use For Pro Version)
Robot-edit Robot Setting Also info About apanel.php?action=rtxt
Plugin Setting
Enable/Disable plugin -Mp3 Auto Tag,Mp3 Player&Info,Text Discription,Image Screen Shot,Share Files on Social Networking,Files Rating,Jar Preview,Zip Preview/Extract,Video Preview
Ads Setting Enable Disable
Main Setting
Mp3 Tag v1 All Edit
Watermark All
Url Copy file(for Pro)
Url Mp3 Tag Copy(for Pro)
Mp3 Tag Manager
Index Editor-Edit Your Index Page
Ads Editor-Header,footer
Footer Copy Name
Admin Security Setting
Admin Log Authorizations Details
[Image: 728x90.gif] :) Click on This And See Magic  Tongue

10-19-2014, 11:16 AM,
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RE: DjAmolWap 14 Version (Advance Auto Index ) Release FREE
In Sourceforge its size is 3mb!
10-19-2014, 06:46 PM,
Post: #3
RE: DjAmolWap 14 Version (Advance Auto Index ) Release FREE
Can u add scan option as like mai plugin
10-19-2014, 08:12 PM,
Post: #4
RE: DjAmolWap 14 Version (Advance Auto Index ) Release FREE
I have install succesfully but when visit my site say that "Forbidden: a malicious
file has been
Detected as:
base64.ungzip-1" what the problem and how to solve
10-19-2014, 09:34 PM,
Post: #5
RE: DjAmolWap 14 Version (Advance Auto Index ) Release FREE
its obvious this script has some sort of virus in the code, im locking this thread and deleting the download link untill a fix has been made.

Stay clear from this script no matter where you download it.

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