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Die-casting automobile Accessories
09-18-2018, 11:50 AM,
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Die-casting automobile Accessories
Company Profile :
OSBORN is the source for all your Precision Machining,Sheet metal ,Metal Manufacturing, and Tooling needs .OSBORN Solutions provides customers  with  efficient and  high-level finished manufactured products, quality assurance at a peak service level, and expert project and customer management during the machining process. Our machinists and engineers work  expertly to make  your  machining needs come to life , taking them off the paper and developing your items into a real metal product.  Our work shop has an  extensive  list of equipment to fit our customer’s needs, with their complex abilities in fabrication. We continue to focus on our core  competitiveness  in  the  field of precision metal manufacturing , to  support our clients take full advantages of their products , and occupying the more large market resources.
At Osborn Technology , you have the freedom to focus on your core competencies, because we are always to improving the quality of your metal products, Meet the requirements of the end customers.
Osborn Technology have world-class precision equipment , help us to make  Authentically achieving set punching , forming , cutting , bending,stamping , turning , milling , drilling , welding and so on in processing methods of integration of multiple roles ,  to  meet  client  demand for  products  from different  angles .  Our customer  base makes  us a  diverse  custom  metal  fabricator ,  their include companies  ordering  parts  for military , aerospace , transportation , medical , electrical , hardware, machinery, electronics, digital, automobile,rail ,automation equipment and other industries.
If you are looking for a  precision  sheet metal and  CNC  machining  fabrication  company  that  can produce  precision  products  at  the competitive price , please contact Osborn Technology ,  we are ready supply the helps at any time in your development path .
History :
2005. Osborn Pecsion Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in Shenzhen. As the company's founder--He brothers began enter the precision sheet  metal  processing  industry ;
2006-2009 . Osborn  invested more than 3 million  dollars to imported  a  series  world's  top-class  sheet  metal  processing equipment from Europe and Japan;
2010. Osborn wholly-owned takeover subsidiary and founded : Dongguan Osborn Precision Hardware Technology  co.,ltd ,who one focus on high precision CNC machining ;
2012. Osborn Technology Group Limited founded in Hongkong ,who is a company focus on the international business;
2013-2015.  Osborn formed to HongKong Osborne for the international sales center, and Shenzhen Osborn Precision Sheet Metal and Dongguan Osborn Precision Hardware Thnology for the processing center which one professional precision metal manufacturing group of the global ;
2016. Osborn Group total sales is about USD5,750,000.00 (include Osborn Sheet Metal Technology Co.,Ltd and Dongguan Osborn Precision Hardware Technology Co,lted two companies ).
2017. Osborn Group was ready going more far !!!  
Workshop and Equipment :
Shenzhen Osborn Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Area : 4500 M2  ;    Workers : 86 ;
Engineers : 9 ;
Equipment quantity :
Italian Prima CNC Laser Cutting Machine CP4000 ----- 1 set ;
Bystronic CNC Laser Cutting Machine BJ3015 --------- 1 set ;
Finland FinnPower CNC Punching Machine E5x --------1 set ;
Finland FinnPower CNC Punching Machine E5 -------- 2 sets;
Savannah CNC Bending Machine E-Brake ------------- 1 set ;
Bystronic CNC Bending Machine AFM Xcel 50 --------- 1set ;
Toyo CNC Bending Machine APB-3613 ----------------- 2sets ;

Dongguan Osborn Precision Hardware Technology  Co.,Ltd
Area : 5600 M2
Workers : 75 ;
Engineers : 11 ;
Equipment quantity :
Huaqun CNC Machining Machine P650 ----- 15 sets ;
Huaqun CNC Machining Machine P850--------- 5 sets ;
Huaqun CNC Machining Machine P1050--------- 2 sets ;
CNC Engraving and Milling Machine ------------- 10 sets ;
CNC Specular Machine-----------------------------10 sets ;

Quality and Services :
Rich Experience : We have been engaged in sheet metal and CNC machining for 13 years. Our company had good reputation with customers from American, Europe,North America, and Japan,india etc. We also have a good team for sale and quality control.
Good Services : We will respond to you within 24 hours, We provide the perfect pre-sale and after sale service.
Competitive Price: You will find that our low priced, belt buckle including the shipping will be cheaper than our competitors total cost on same name brand, same quality parts.
Perfect Quality : We have strict quality control from producing to delivery.Our company had strong technology support, 80% of our colleagues have more than 10 years experience in metal mufuturering . We have cultivated a group of managers who are familiar with product quality , good at modern concept of management.
Quality control :
1) We ensure that each piece of equipment we use is maintained and calibrated to it's original specifications.
2) we use only the most modern equipment. We evaluate projects to ensure that they are within tolerance according to the process used to produce it.
3) Each part will be wrapped in protective layer by our experienced packaging people and then put in oversized box to avoid any breakage.
4) Our sales person will follow up with you after delivery to make certain that your parts meet your expectations .

Certification :
Quality Management Certification : ISO9001 : 2008
Environmental Management Certification : ISO14001 : 2004
Medical Device Quality Certification : ISO13485
RoHs Certification
3C Certification ;
CE Certification ;

Our Customers :
Main market : North America, Europe ,Middle East, Asia ,Africa;
Main product : IPC sheet metal chassis , Communication cabinet ,Equipment cabinet , Multimedia chassis and Enclosure, Sheet metal parts , Mechanical parts, Automobile and Motorcycle accessories, Mobile phone accessories, Equipment accessories, Digital products accessories and so on  ;
Application areas :  Industrial control,  Automotive, Transportation,  Power control,  Telecommunications, Bank, Hospitals, Advertising information, Aerospace, Military, Industrial automation, Robots, Household appliances and so on ;
OEM / ODM Services : Sheet metal processing ,  CNC machining, Molds , Prototype and so on .

Die-casting automobile Accessories

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