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Design Ur Ftp Like Phpwebftp Script
01-13-2014, 02:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-13-2014, 02:50 AM by Tunzwap.)
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Design Ur Ftp Like Phpwebftp Script
phpWebFTP offers a way of connecting to you FTP server, even when you are behind a firewall or proxy not allowing traffic to FTP servers.
This is very common in business networks. phpWebFTP overcomes this issue by making a FTP connection from your webserver to your FTP server and transfering the files from this web server to your webclient over the standard http protocol. phpWebFTP is free software and the source is available under GNU license.
<u>How do I install phpWebFTP?</u>
Step 1;
Download the archive from sourceforge, unzip the file and copy all files to a directory on your webserver.
Step 2;
Set the permissions of the temporary download directory so all users can read and write in the directory (e.g. chmod 777 tmp).
Step 3;
Check the configuration options in to fit phpWebFTP to your needs. (more information below).

What are the configuration options?
Open the "" that resides in the root diectory of your phpWebFTP installation.
maxFileSize Enter the maximum downnload size in Bytes.
Make sure that your php configuration allows the same size (e.g. upload_max_filesize = 20M and post_max_size = 20M).
Default value : 2000000
download Dir Enter the full path to the directory to store temporary files. The directory must be writable for the apache/php process owner (usualy 'apache' or 'nobody').
<u>Note:</u> do not use the same directory that php uses to store session data (usually /tmp/).
default value : "tmp/"
resume Download Resume download is only supported by PHP version 4.3.0 and higher
default value : false
default Language Use the default Language variable to set a static language. Please check the includes/language directory for available languages
default value : "" en
defaultServerUse the defaultServer variable to set a static server rather then having the user type a server.
This could be usefull for ISP's that use phpWebFTP for their customers and only want to provide access to their own servers.
default value : ""
edit Default Server In combination with the default Server variable. This option can be used to allow or deny users to edit the default server.
default value : true
clear Temp If set on true, WebFTP will empty the temporary download directory after each file upload and download.
default value : true

phpWebFTP Web Based FTP Script Features and Benefits
OverviewphpWebFTPis an advanced featured, web based FTP script, which allows you to access your files stored on your website or web server. There's no need to have a FTP Client software installed on your computer anymore, all that you have to do is to download our free script and install it on your own server or website within minutes. phpWebFTP connects to your FTP hosteven if you are behind a firewall or proxy not allowing traffic to FTP servers. phpWebFTP overcomes this issue by making a FTP connection from your web server to your FTP server and transferring the files from this web server to your web client over the standard http protocol
PHPWebFTPKey Features
*.The bestFreeandOpen-Sourceweb based ftp client on the net
*.FREEto download,FREEto install,FREEto run
*.Unlimitedusage for you and your clients
*.Fully-featuredweb based ftp client
*.Very easyto use & user-friendly interface
*.Built-infree 22 Language packs
*.EasyBinary/ASCII mode switching
*.WYSIWYGfile editor for .html, .htm files
*.Built-infile or directory download mode
* files extraction to the server feature
*.CHMODfunction for applying permissions to the files and folder
*.UNZIPingmode for extracting zipped files on the server
Up-to-DateDevelopmentWe're always working on the software to fix all the bugs, errors as well as to add new features and abilities to it. The new 5.0 edition is about to release soon with tens of pro-abilities. Feel free to visit this pageand suggest us your desired feature for the next release.
SupportForumsThough the project is absolutely free, we do our best to provide high-end customer support via our forums. Feel free to visit, join and communicate with us and our users.

[url=""]Download Php Web Ftp Now! ![/url]

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