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DND 5e Lathander Character Guide For beginners
02-23-2021, 03:58 PM,
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DND 5e Lathander Character Guide For beginners
Symbol:  Nature House
Alignment:  Neutral good
Control Areas:  Spring, dawn, birth, renewal, creativity, youth, vitality, perfection, personal, athletics.
Domains:  Good, Strength, Nobility, Protection, Renewal, Solar.
Weapon  of Choice : "Emissary of the Dawn" (light or heavy mace)
Scenario:  Forgotten Realms
The god of dawn, renewal, creation and protection is a god who believes that the fight against evil must be active. That is why he preaches an active policy of good works and constant re-evaluation of doctrines.

History / Relationships
Lathander has been a deity very given to intervene in mortal affairs, even sending his avatar on various occasions. Their origins are unknown, but many speculate Lathander's ties to Amaunator. Many of these theories are widespread and quite well-accepted within the Lathander faith.

Lathander was the one who caused the so-called Cataclysm of Dawn in which he tried to completely reform the pantheon of Faerun in his image and likeness. His action resulted in a failure that is still remembered by the gods. This fact also meant the death of various gods and heralded the d&d 5e character sheet fillable destruction of Myth Drannor.

This failure has not made Lathander give up, who since the Age of Troubles has been planning another Cataclysm of Dawn. Their plans are known to Oghma, Laira and Khauntea but none of these deities have decided to act yet. What's more, the return of Bane has made many gods begin to believe that it is necessary.

In 916 CV Lathander would intervene to help the Harpers fight against Sammaster and the Cult of the Dragon. In the ensuing fight Sammaster and all the undead that accompanied him were killed, but Lathander's own avatar suffered damage and bled, resulting in Lathander's powerful relic of faith.

Recently, in AD 1374, Lathander's faith has been shaken by Daelegoth's claims that Lathander was nothing more than a manifestation of Amaunator and his Rising Sun heresy. Doubts among followers of Lathander's faith seem to spread and more when Daelegoth has performed various miracles.

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