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Customized Non Filling Soccer Grass
07-20-2018, 05:12 AM,
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Customized Non Filling Soccer Grass
Fire proof UV resistance Non Filling Soccer Field Grass Carpet
1. Product Introduction
Fire proof UV resistance Non Filling Soccer Field Grass Carpet can be used in some other sport fields.
2. Product Specification
MATERIALPE Straight Yarn+ PP Curly Yarn
BACKING +COATINGPP Cloth +Net Cloth +SBR Coating
GUARANTEEAbove 5 Years
3. Product Feature
The item HT-XA35-100-18 NON FILL SOCCER GRASS is designed for the mini football field and its do not need to infill the rubber and sand.
It is made of curly fiber with straight fiber and its density is higher.
right now, it is a tend that many school would like to use the non-fill artificial grass for soccer field.
easy installation and friendly environment.
5. FAQ
Q: What is the Production time?
A: It is about 10-15days.
Q: What are the options for the base construction of a artificial grass?
A: The ground is based on asphalt or concrete.
Q: What is the life Span for grass?
A: The life span is about 5-8 years.
Q: I am Interested in Synthetic track surface, what is the best choice?
A: Running track surfaces are produced on site with combinations of either latex or polyurethane binder and rubber. Best choice of surface will take into account use, performance requirements, budget, and life cycle costs. Except for the full solid pour systems which vary in depth, the standard colors are track red and black although other colors are available at additional cost. Spray Coating is a porous system consisting of a paved base mat of binder and black rubber with 2 structural spray coats to provide wear and UV protection. Running track sandwich System with the paved base mat covered by top layer of solid-pour polyurethane and rubber.Customized Non Filling Soccer Grass

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