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Crackling, crackling
04-28-2020, 05:02 AM,
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Crackling, crackling
Crackling, crackling ... "The festive red string of firecrackers celebrates my grandma ��s 70th birthday with dazzling flashes and sounds resounding in the sky. Today ��s clear skies, bright sunshine, seems to be specially prepared for grandma ��s birthday My hometown is located in Gaoshapai, Wuyang Town, Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province. My elders in their hometown celebrated their birthdays very grandly. I cleaned my home first, and I invited a chef to cook the food. The orange petal candies are piled up into a 30-centimeter "hill" and placed on various tables. There are ten tables at home. Relatives and friends from all over the world sit on the table. Good sisters, brothers and brother-in-law with grandma, some of them Fujian Changting, some came from the county, the city, and some came from the township ... the grandma's children also came, the village elders came on crutches, everyone came, the original quiet old house suddenly Hilarious. Uncle sitting at the solid wood round table, holding a writing brush, stained with ink, he wrote on the red paper, "Family joy", "Family happiness", "Shoubi Nanshan", "Fu Rudong" Auspicious words such as "sea" and "everything is good"; although grandma is a big birthday star today Cigarettes Online, she can't help herself and is busy in the kitchen; uncle and aunt help cook in the kitchen. Take a seat on birthday It ��s also very important that Shou Xing sits at the main table, and the elders who are closer to Shou Xing sit with Shou Xing. And our little children can only sit at the table next to them. Grandma ��s three sons toast at ten tables, Finally, I stopped at the grandmother's table, filled the glass with white wine, and said to my grandmother: "I wish you good health and Shoubi Nanshan  Marlboro Red..." and toasted the grandmother a cup of wine, and then exhausted the white wine to express my grandmother Blessings, and toasting to the elders around. The adults fill the glass from time to time. Toast the old friends for a while and the elders for a while. It ��s not common for Lala to discuss and discuss work, children ��s academic performance, and talk and laugh. Children Sometimes I play a little game, sometimes I pour Pepsi into my bottle, sometimes I put candy in my pocket desperately, so that all the little greedy cats are relieved. Dad holds a camera at each table Running around, freezing the wonderful moments ... very lively. After three tours of the wine, the guests were all drunk, and the grandma sent away most of the guests with a smile, and the family moved a few chairs and sat on the open space. Come down and chat. It ��s as big as the national policy, as small as how to cook, and the conversation is endless. Whatever you want to say, but more is the health of grandparents, the family is still so lively. In the afternoon, everyone went to Uncle ��s Navel Orange Park to take pictures Some of them take pictures of brothers, some take pictures of sisters, but more of them are family portraits. There are two people in the picture, and some three. The most impressive thing is the family portrait of grandma ��s sister-in-law ��s family Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Many people, what a big family! The grandmother smiled brilliantly in the photos, like a chrysanthemum in full bloom, it seemed to be thinking: if it is so lively every day, how good it is, grandma is 70 years old, I hope she is healthy and everything goes well , Happy every day.
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