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Chunhui's whispers
08-08-2019, 05:43 AM,
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Chunhui's whispers
Chunhui's whispers, low-light and soft, faint morning light, plated layer or deep or shallow spring, variegated, dyed the world, glamorous guests. In the blooming season of the flowering period, in the vast river of fragrant flowers and grasses, the film is light and shallow, the breeze is flowing, the open arms are dawning, the dawn will break, and the window is still visible. . The morning breeze drives the smog, and the heavens and the earth are in the same place. The eyes are like sprinkled layers of silky silk, and you can't see the glory of the pilgrimage. In the end of May this year, the beauty of the fireworks and fog is everywhere. There is no feeling of heat in the early summer, so cool and comfortable weather, it is suitable for spring. Although the sleepy eyes are still blurred Marlboro Lights, they can no longer stop the heart that is eager to move. It coincides with the friends who said that they have organized to go to the park to watch the Chinese rose today, portable and go Cheap Cigarettes, find the secluded square to win, explore the beauty of this spring and autumn. The group of people followed the songs and talked with each other. In this way, I walked around and leisurely, and when we went to Honghu Park, it was already noon, and the faint Jiaoyang penetrated the clouds, and it was said that it was not a gentle scene and a beautiful scenery. The lotus in Honghu Lake is not as much as the West Lake. It is probably the reason why it was just planted soon. It is probably that the lotus flower season is still early. The lotus flower is not open. The whole lotus pond seems to be a little sparse, and some lotus leaves are also Some are wilting, but the dusty and shadowless shadows, the proud and self-respecting, are always obsessed and amazed. I am quietly watching the poolside, quietly, quietly, everything is so peaceful. Suddenly, a picture flashed through my mind, so familiar, can not help but sigh, what kind of scene is it? I tried hard to think back, and gradually, the broken piece slowly emerged and finally came out intact. It was a sunny afternoon, and next to the lotus pond, the children of the two coveted years were arguing. The girl said: "I want that lotus flower, I am pulling you, you help me pick it up" while pointing to the side of the bright lotus Newport Cigarettes. The boy did not do it after listening: "No, I pull you, you pick." When the girl heard it, she looked at the boy in disbelief and responded: "No, I am bigger than you. I should have pulled you, or I will fall into the pool." The boy was not happy when he heard it. He felt that this should not be a man��s act. He said with a powdered lips, "I can��t do it, I am a man." The girl finally compromised. She took a serious look at the boy and looked at it again. Looking at the pool water, looking at the still-filled Qinglian, the hand was handed over to the boy, and then went to pick the flowers, but when her hand just touched the flowers, they felt the whole body sagged and drooped. In the pool. When the girl climbed up from the lotus pond, the boy cried for the girl to wipe off the mud on her face. The girl raised the silk flower without any damage, and smiled and said: "Look, I picked it." Looking still The boy with tears, the girl thought of a word that the mother often said to the boy, said to the boy: "The man has tears and does 
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