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China diesel engine trade manufacturers
04-04-2018, 06:10 AM,
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China diesel engine trade manufacturers
Low Emission Diesel Engine DESCRIPTION
CHANGSHENG mainly produces single cylinder diesel engines with 5 series. Our products range from 1.47kw-30kw. It can be widely used for pickup, light truck, tractor, combine harvest, generator set, engineering machinery and ship. GF series has more reliability on structure and cooling system.
Air Cooled Diesel Engine APPLICATIONS
Small agricultural machines as power tiller, irrigation equipment, generator sets, small transportation vehicles, walking tractor, etc.
1. Based on advanced software analysis, with optimization design, GF series diesel engine is more reliability on structure and cooling system.
2. Optimize the fuel system and intake & exhaust system, energy saving and fuel efficient.
3. Compact structure, smart size and light weight.
Precautions for Use
1.The radiator type diesel engine should maintain the normal water temperature (75 ℃ ~ 95 ℃). In order to release cooling water, the radiator cover must be opened first and then unscrew the water switch on the cylinder block.
2.All the products should be used and maintained in accordance with the methods of instructions for use.
3.The fuel used in the diesel engine must be clean and should be allowed to stand for more than 72 hours.
4.It is not allowed to start the engines immediately with high speed. It should be started smoothly from low speed to high speed.China diesel engine trade manufacturers
04-04-2018, 06:48 AM,
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RE: China diesel engine trade manufacturers
whether you are the manufacturer..??

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