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China Copper Zinc-Superoxide Dismutase
02-12-2020, 01:14 PM,
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China Copper Zinc-Superoxide Dismutase
Our History
Hangzhou NeuroPeptide Biological Science and Technology Incorporation, Ltd. ( NUPTEC) was established in 2009, a national high-tech enterprise jointly established by overseas high-level talents, Zhejiang 鈥淭housand Talents鈥?talents and local private enterprises. The company is dedicated to the development, production and sale of bioactive protein/peptide biologics and bioseparation materials. The products are widely used in cell culture, diagnostic reagents, and protein drug separation and purification.
NUPTEC has a core technology research and development team consisting of masters and doctors in the fields of microbiology, biochemistry, neurobiology, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and organic chemistry. The company relies on the group company to build a postdoctoral mobile workstation, mainly engaged in research and development, production and application of biological separation materials and biologically active proteins. A number of research and development technologies of the company are at the forefront of domestic and foreign companies, and have obtained a number of national invention patents, laying a solid foundation for providing high-quality, leading products.
Our Factory
The company's sales team is located in Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City (Xiaoshan) and has thousands of square meters of R&D and production bases in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (Xiasha). The R&D and production base has a 100,000-level GMP purification workshop and a well-trained and experienced R&D, production, quality inspection and management team, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification to ensure that the products are in stable production in strict accordance with the requirements. At present, Nulong Bio has been one of the few companies in China that can produce active protein/polypeptide products and bio-separation materials on a large scale. It has formed recombinant bioactive proteins including cell growth factors, affinity separation ligands and tool enzymes. And two major types of product structures containing affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic and other NUPharose庐 separation materials.
At present, NUPTEC products are sold at home and abroad, and have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions. Nulong Bio will adhere to the core values of honesty, dedication, enterprising and innovation, and commit itself to global life sciences. The mission of research institutions and the biotechnology/biopharmaceutical industry to provide high quality products and services.
Product Application
Hangzhou NeuroPeptide Biological Science and Technology Incorporation, Ltd. ( NUPTEC) is a Sino-US joint venture, specializing in biotechnology research and development, production and sales of neuropeptide products as one of the high-tech enterprises. Our company is committed to the modern biotechnology centered on gene recombination and cloning, research and production of biologically active neuropeptide/protein-based biotechnology products, providing gene recombination and cloning technology, construction of fluorescent recombinant protein technology. After market validation, the products have outstanding performances in scientific research, biopharmaceutical, Medical Devices锛孧D銆両VD Reagents and , cosmetology and skin care, etc.
We also look forward to a broader and better market performance in the future.
Google Description
We are chinese supplier about Recombinant Protein ,our factory have GMP Purification Workshop,Many imported equipment,rh-EGF锛宺h-VEGF锛宺h-GH锛宺h-SOD1锛宺h-bFGF锛宺-SA are our best selling products,China protein best choose is NUPTEC.China Copper Zinc-Superoxide Dismutase

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