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12-10-2019, 04:17 AM,
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Animation Videos: A Knight in Shining Armour for Your Trade
Posted by bigbridgemedia on February 16th Wholesale Jerseys China , 2016

For decades, animation brought joy and laughter to our lives. Even in its early days, some visionaries recognised the power of the medium to explain complex concepts and ideas to viewers young and old. They tried to integrate animation with fresh business ideas, but with limited success. While the captured the attention of people momentarily Wholesale Jerseys , it was often more of a distraction than a benefit. It would take several years before the true power of animation was realised outside the world of entertainment. The progress of computers with the processing power to breathe life into our ideas has created a whole new way to express our thoughts. When the digital arts met business entrepreneurship, many barriers were broken down and a new tool was unleashed to the smart marketer.

Animation and animated videos are now commonly used as a powerful business tool. It is a viable alternative for companies and executives who do not wish to appear on or create a live action video for a variety of reasons. Used correctly, animation videos can provide a tremendous boost to a business. The potential to break down intricate models and turn them into simple and easy to remember features are just one of the many benefits of an animation video. Some of the ways in which animation videos can be employed are briefly outlined here.
Advertisements: In its most basic form, animation videos make catchy ads. A company can even create a memorable mascot that can go on to become a pop culture phenomenon. Even without that Cheap NFL Football Jerseys , an animation video can quickly paint a picture about a product’s benefits without the diversion of an attractive model of a live action video. An animation video can also get across a message quicker than a live action video can. This can allow you to save on costs for time slots or create online ads that viewers will not want to skip. Presentations: Just like with ads, the ability to quickly explain the essence of a novel idea can draw in the attention of an audience. It is easy to earn the confidence of the listeners when you can make them see things from your point of view. A person will also remember you and your presentation better if you show them a well-designed animated explainer video. Annual Reports: An animation video accompanying an annual report can reveal the facts behind the numbers with minimal effort. It can help investors and stakeholders understand puzzling tables and graphs while allowing you to create an interesting session out of what is often a dreaded annual affair. Investor trust is what keeps a company afloat, and an animation video can be a helpful way to gain it.
An animation video is in an influential tool that can fend off the problems you face and bring your business to new heights.

About the Company:

This article is written by Paul Bridges, the Creative Director of Big Bridge Media. Big Bridge Media is a creative video agency that offers services like animation Cheap Football Jerseys , video editing, branding, logo designing, visual effects. They offer their services for both big and small businesses. They have also worked for companies like Pile Tech Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , Lincolns Family Law, and Home Heat.
Web Design - Working with Images
Posted On : Sep-02-2013 | seen (1273) times[i] | Article Word Count : 452 |[/i]
[i][i]Images form an integral part of any web page since they are used for various purposes 鈥?to convey information, to attract attention, to explain things clearly Cheap Replica NFL Jerseys , etc. There are a few things to take care of while working with images.[i] Images form an integral part of any web page since they are used for various purposes 鈥?to convey information, to attract attention, to explain things clearly, etc. There are a few things to take care of while working with images. A good web designer should look into all these factors to ensure that the images serve the purpose for which they are used in page.

Acquiring the Images

The images used in a webpage may be designs Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys , photographs, logos, icons, graphs Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , charts etc. These images can be acquired in many ways.

- Using a ready-made image. They are mostly downloaded from web
- Scanning a photograph
- Creating image using image editing software

Preparing the Image

A web designer should know how to prepare or edit an image before uploading it in a web page. This is done by image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw etc. The images are cropped and resized according to the requirement of the webpage. They are then saved in the required file format.

Image Copyright

Before using an image for designing the webpage, make sure that you do not violate any copyrights. Read and understand the copyright of the particular image clearly. Some images may be labelled to use and share only while some others may allow you to modify them as well.

Image File Format

Images are uploaded . Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale   Cheap NFL Jerseys China   Cheap Football Jerseys From China   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys China   Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys China   Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys Free Shipping  

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