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Calais Campbell Jersey
12-14-2019, 05:17 AM,
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Calais Campbell Jersey
After the first four weeks of the 2019 NFL season , the Jacksonville Jaguars find themselves tied for first place in the AFC South. Yep, they’re tied... with every other team in the AFC South, as all four teams currently sit with a 2-2 record. The Jaguars have dealt with a lot of turmoil through the first four weeks, including losing their starting quarterback 10 snaps into his season, but head coach Doug Marrone has done a good job of keeping everything together and blocking out the noise.With every team at basically a neutral position, one of them is going to go on a little run soon and pull away from the pack. The Jaguars could be one of those teams with how the schedule has lined up over the next few weeks Donte Moncrief Color Rush Jersey , missing Cam Newton, Drew Brees and maybe Sam Darnold. They also get the Houston Texans, who they were inches away from beating in Week 2, in the London game.This season so far reminds me a lot of the 2017 season, the last time the Jaguars won the AFC South, in that the team is getting some lucky breaks ahead of them and facing a lot of teams at the right time Calais Campbell Jersey , when their starting quarterback is injured. Now, the defense hasn’t been the turnover machine they were in 2017, however the sacks and pressure is starting to come now that the Gardner Minshew II led offense has been able to actually put points on the board.The next few weeks will be very important in the AFC South race and could end up catapulting the Jaguars towards the division title, or bury them in the muck. The Jaguars drafted Josh Allen with the seventh overall pick in this year’s draft and his preseason performance have made that look like a good move for the team’s defense.They’ve also left defensive coordinator Todd Wash with some work to do in order to make sure the team is getting the most out of all of their defensive pieces. They also have Yannick Ngakoue and Calais Campbell at defensive end and the team found a way to have all three on the field at the same time in their last game by playing Allen as an outside linebacker.Wash suggested that there will be more of that come the regular season.“It’s obvious we have to get our best players on the field,” Wash said, via “So obviously we’ve got two very good defensive ends in Josh and Yannick. We’ve got to come up with ways to get them both on the grass at the same time. . . . We have to be able to tweak our system a little bit , but that’s our job as coaches is to put them in position to be successful and hopefully we can do.”The Jaguars rode their defense to a division title and spot in the AFC title game two years ago. If Allen shines as hoped, their chances of the same kind of success on that side of the ball this season will look better.

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