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Buy Mobile Flood Protection Barrier
02-12-2020, 01:18 PM,
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Buy Mobile Flood Protection Barrier
Our History
Our company established in 2017 based in climate change and flood defense. But we have experience of OEM service for ten years. We are a research and design manufacturer of flood control equipment including flood control barrier board, self inflatable flood sandbags and so on. With the change of climate and the increase of extreme weather, compared with sandbags, flood control boards are more effective and faster in dealing with water flow and protecting property and life safety for the solution of flood, and urban rainstorm and accumulated water.
In recently years, we have sold to many countries and have great performance in Flood control and prevention. We are committed to contribute our best to the disaster caused by global climate change.
Our Factory
Our factory located in Suzhou, China. We are a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, development and production and sales. We mainly research and developed flood control barrier equipment. The company relies on the advanced innovation spirit and the domestic technical information, Industrial upgrading and structure optimization, to contribute to the global fire rescue, flood control, drought, underground pipeline. We have several product large equipment in high quality and comply with the International norms. We have sold to other countries for several years, also can provide OEM service.
Our Product
We are intelligent flood control equipment supplier, we provide the most efficient and convenient solution to urban water logging and flood solution. Our products are mainly flood control barrier including flood barrier board, combined flood prevention board, self inflatable flood sandbags and Intelligent inflatable flood prevention wall and so on. Our products application range is very widely, widely used flood emergency control, the fire rescue, emergency rescue and municipal administration. etc, also protect warehouse garage, parking lot, residential buildings and underground subway entrance and shopping mall and so on.
Product Application
Our products mainly used to improve urban environment or flood control and prevention, for emergency (road) rescue, drain water and divert water to dry places and sand. It is also suitable for extremely weather change, major traffic routes and other buildings, subways threatened by flood, even more rapid river. Our products-flood barrier boards can divert the sudden flood river to other areas, so that to delay and protect the damage because of flood and climate change. Our products also apply to flood  control and prevention, the fire rescue, emergency road rescue, municipal administration and some large tenement group etc. Because of flood diversion control, they have greatly protect house garage, parking lot and underground shopping mall subways and residential areas and Business buildings.
Our Certificate
Our products are based on china patents. We have formal Certificates and Test Reports.
Production Equipment
So far, We possession of 5 advanced large technology production equipment just like pictures attached. We ensure our equipment are all in line with International norms, and we will research, design and develop more product types for customers. We can also provide OEM service, labeling and customized service according to your request.
Production Market
Our company have established for almost 3 years, but we have experience of OEM service for 10 years.
The products mainly used for flood control, improve traffic road and drain water to dry places.
The main market we have sold:
Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Japan, and Thailand and so on.
Kuwait, Jordan, The united of American, Canada, Australia, and Chile and so on.
In recently years, we have sold to these countries, and our products have helped them a lot, they have great performance in Flood water control and prevention.  Emergency rescue, divert water to dry areas and protect many areas like garage parking lot, underground shopping mall subways and Residential and business buildings etc.
Our Service
We provide 24 hours service for our customer.
We will introduce and show our products  appearance, function, how to use, product raw materials and a series of questions which customer want to know. We will show information on the website.
In sale
We also provide 24 hours service, provide our contact information like phone, whatsapp and email and so on. We will show customers product details videos on how to use them. We will answer all the questions that customers wants to know.
After sale
We will also keep in touch in them all the time. If customer still have doubts on products, we will also conduct them patiently. We can provide 3 years warranty period.
No matter customers have any questions about the product,we will on line anytime.Buy Mobile Flood Protection Barrier
02-14-2020, 07:44 AM,
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RE: Buy Mobile Flood Protection Barrier
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