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Benefits Of Video In Online Marketing
03-19-2020, 09:34 PM,
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Benefits Of Video In Online Marketing
We all know video marketing leads the way when it comes to beneficial aspects of online marketing. Because of its capabilities in providing vital information all the while being entertaining in short amount of time. Experts of Animated Explainer Video Company assert that video marketing has caused the hike in demand for video content. It is only fitting that, to keep up with competition, everyone wants to employ video content. However, before jumping on this ship, you need to strategize how you are going to use this type of content. Did you find this useful?
06-27-2020, 03:53 PM,
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RE: Benefits Of Video In Online Marketing
Today’s consumer are highly sensitive to product quality, price sensitive and purchase convenience. As they have more choice of selections, more exposure to neutral opinions and their recommendations. The art of preference and purchase had become more difficult.

Companies, on the other hand, had to try very hard for the share of purchases.

This is where Video marketing is effective to lure customers to their products.

This is how it can be effectively utilised :

Video marketing can provides a full 5 senses, just as in human senses. The touch, the feel, the taste, the visual and the listening, all adds up to decision making at the moment, impulse buy or rationally, deferred purchase at the right time.
All this senses can evoke the mind to desire the products. Example is the high fidelity Bose speaker systems if you are a music lover.
Another example, the senses, can play emotion and touch the pain points, pleasure points or survival points, playing to consumer desired needs.
Video marketing makes its easy to understand the storylines with little needs to think more and very enjoyable at the same time.
People likes story, watching movies. Inserting product promotion in it, brings about brand awareness. Example, the 007 movies showcase many products used as prods. The car, the pen he writes, the suits he wears, the watch, the shoes, etc create the desire people would love to have it.
Video marketing makes product the centre actor, its performance and value proposition to the viewers’ senses comparing to its competitors.
Hence, Video marketing is gaining popularity in the digital domain as a tool for business promotions and other marketing activities.

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