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Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley has no problem
07-18-2019, 05:35 AM,
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Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley has no problem
He’s talked about it with family and friends for nearly a month and openly shared his thoughts with fellow Pro Bowl players this week.
At breakfast. In the locker room. On the practice field.
He’s also gotten plenty of sympathetic support.
After all T.J. Hockenson Jersey , the New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars know exactly how Mosley feels.
Players from all those teams are still trying to deal with the way they exited the postseason.
”You talk about it because that’s the life of the NFL,” Mosley said Thursday. ”You fight and fight, and it always comes down to the last two minutes or the last play of the game.”
The Pro Bowl has become a gathering spot for the brokenhearted, a place to laugh, smile and joke through lingering disappointment.
”When it’s the last game of the season, it definitely sticks with you a lot longer,” Mosley said. ”It was tough Jahlani Tavai Jersey , but you’ve got to live and learn from it. It just builds calluses, as Coach (John) Harbaugh says, and you try to redeem yourself next season.”
The Ravens looked as if they were headed to the playoffs in the final minute of the final game of the regular season. But Baltimore gave up a crushing, 49-yard touchdown pass with 44 seconds remaining and lost 31-27 loss to Cincinnati. The outcome put Buffalo in the playoffs for the first time since the 1999 season.
”I know they helped us out, but to have pretty much a home playoff game and lose to a team that’s not having a good year, that’s difficult,” Bills guard Richie Incognito said.
Incognito and other Pro Bowlers felt as if Baltimore’s stunning setback took a backseat to others in the playoffs.
New Orleans was poised to beat Minnesota in an NFC divisional game until Case Keenum completed a last-ditch heave to Stefon Diggs, who turned it into a 61-yard touchdown reception that gave the Vikings a 29-24 victory. Rookie safety Marcus Williams whiffed trying to tackle Diggs near the sideline.
”That’s tough to go and do that Will Harris Jersey ,” Incognito said. ”You’re in and out of it in a game like New Orleans-Minnesota and then you lose it on the last play. That’s just demoralizing. That’s going to be in that kid’s head forever.”
It dominated conversation in Minnesota for a week – until the Vikings got thumped at Philadelphia while trying to become the first team in NFL history to make the Super Bowl in its home stadium.
”That’s why you keep doing things like this, try to enjoy the moment, live in the moment and actually try to get that game off your mind,” Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes said.
”I can’t tell you how long it’s going to take, but it’ll take very long if people keep asking me questions about the game. But eventually it’ll pass.
”We’ve got to look forward to next year and hopefully we’ll go to the Super Bowl.”
Tampa Bay defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said Minnesota’s loss was the toughest to watch in the postseason.
”You have that miracle catch and that happens in the NFC title game,” McCoy said. ”That hurts. I think they just couldn’t get over the fact of how they won and it just didn’t carry over to the next game.”
Jacksonville will carry its collapse into next season, too.
The Jaguars had a 10-point lead at New England in the fourth quarter in the AFC title game. Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champs were so desperate to get back in the game that they turned to trick plays.
”You’ve got the champs on the ropes, everything’s flowing Austin Bryant Jersey , you feel like you’re going to win the game, you’re out-physically them and then Tom Brady takes over,” Incognito said.
Incognito and several Jaguars defenders talked about the loss during breakfast this week, with Incognito identifying the session as ”telling war stories about Tommy.”
All of them – the Jaguars, the Vikings, the Saints and the Ravens – could take solace in knowing it could be worse. The Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 lead to the Patriots in the Super Bowl last February.
”It’s takes a while,” Falcons safety Keanu Neal said. ”You’ve got to forget, just get right. It takes a second. It’s going to hurt because the opportunity was there Rashan Gary Jersey , but time heals everything.”

Tom Brady is one of those guys that you either love, or you hate. These days he is seen as a controversial figure, and there might be more hate than love being thrown his way. This great championship winning quarterback might be a cheater. His integrity has been questioned, his reputation stained, and his character maligned. He has his share of enemies. Why do so many people hate Tom Brady? Joe Namath seems to think it is jealousy. When you win a lot of football games, you make a lot of people mad. Tom Brady has won a lot of football games, broke a lot of rival fans' hearts, and dashed the dreams of many. But is this Brady-hating just as simple as jealousy?All this controversy has thus far seemed to fuel Brady this year Darnell Savage Jr. Jersey , as he has started on a tear. Whether it is simply a matter of Brady wanting to make a mockery of anybody who questioned his integrity or it's just the Patriots being up to old habits, the hatred simply isn't going away.Perhaps with Mr. Brady it is a little more complicated, though. He is a popular tabloid figure, is known for his model female companions, and is a good looking guy. These are bound to make a few people jealous. It is human nature to have a hint of jealousy towards those who seem to have everything handed to them on a platter, and seem to do whatever they want without consequence. Let’s take a look at the top 15 people who do not like Tom Brady.

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