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Automated Parking System for sale
08-09-2018, 10:27 AM,
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Automated Parking System for sale
Stacking Parking System (BTP-PXD)
Working Principle
The BTP-PXD stacking parking system is a totally automatic parking system. Car parking and retrieving are performed automatically. Each parking system is equipped with one stacker, which can slides on the track. Meanwhile, the stacker is equipped with one lifting platform. Vehicle just needs to be parked on the exit and entrance. Then the stacker or bridge crane carries the vehicle to its ordered parking space by horizontally and vertically moving. Vehicles’ orderly parking or retrieving will be performed by the parking or retrieving device.
The BTP-PXD Stacking Parking System has the advantages of
High automation degree, high parking efficiency, saving space, flexible design, various structures, simple operation and easy control;
Can realize large number’s parking that is hundreds or thousands of vehicles’ parking. And it is totally enclosed designed, with high safety for car parking and retrieving.
Technical Parameters
Car availableLarge cars
Levels of systemMax 6 levels
Car size (Length*Width*Height)D/5000mm*1850mm*1550mm
Car weight=2200 Kg
Operation modeSwiping card / manual button operation
Operation speedElevator60-120 m/min
Central cart90 m/min
Carrier60 m/min
Turing4 r/min
Motor powerElevator22 KW / Frequency conversion control
Central cart4 KW / Frequency conversion control
Carrier1.5 KW / Frequency conversion control
Turing1.5 KW
Electricity sourceFor power3 phases 5 wires / 380V 50Hz
For control2 phases 5 wires / 220V 50Hz
Car capacityBased on customer’s requirementsAutomated Parking System for sale

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