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Are you hyped for Air Jordan 1 Shadow?
10-28-2018, 04:48 PM,
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Are you hyped for Air Jordan 1 Shadow?
Air Jordan 1 Shadow was officially released on April 14th. The low-key hupu0217 is simple and colorful, and the effect on the foot is good. It is the most restrained and most versatile style in OG's first year color matching series. In 2018, the black and gray color is the main tone. This time, the soft and smooth leather material is used to create the shoe body, which is different from the previous lychee leather. Since 2017, Air Jordan 1 has successfully surpassed Air Jordan 11, becoming the flying boots of No.1 in the minds of Chinese sneaker players. The classic re-enactment that began last year also brought back the three super-popular classics of black, black toe and black and blue, and then there will be the same heavyweight engraving.

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers is also the first OG color match in 1985. Shadow is calm and temperate. It is more versatile than other first-year color schemes, and it is also the biggest reason for its popularity. The last re-enactment was in 2013. After a lapse of five years, the Air Jordan1 AJ shadow gray shadow returned again, and it will definitely detonate a new round of looting. Air Jordan 1 "Shadow" is not forbidden to wear, the royal blue and black toes are so famous, but with a unique calm temperament, black and white gray and versatile attributes, also has a group of loyal fans. There are rumors that Air Jordan 1's "Shadow" color will be re-enacted after 2013. Although the Air Jordan 1 has been re-launched in recent years, the appearance of the "Shadow" color scheme is not very high.

Born in the 1980s, the Air Jordan 1 is not only the pioneering work of the Air Jordan 11 White series, but also the prelude to the glorious history of Jordan and Nike. After 31 years of precipitation, Air Jordan 1 has been sold with a number of color schemes. It has both the classics of the first year and the original innovations. This classic shoe shows us too many unforgettable memories. Now we will Come together, the ten-level Air Jordan 1 will be collected by the ashes.

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