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Antique Mirror
01-14-2019, 05:40 AM,
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Antique Mirror
Antique Mirror is very hot now, it can been used for decoration,for washing room,for wall...
Our antiqued mirror adds depth and character, reflecting the beauty of its surroundings as well as enhancing them.Just one glance and it’s easy to see how our antiqued mirror also brings glamour – and sparkle – to every angle. In fact, by using a patented technical process and top-quality craftsmanship, antiqued mirror is virtually indistinguishable from vintage mirror in appearance, but offers major advances in performance.
What makes our antiqued mirror so superior? First, the style: beautiful designs, with individual variations of color and pattern unique to each sheet of antiqued mirror. Then, the quality: there’s no flaking or irregularity of finish or size. Antiqued mirror sheets are available in 48” x 84” or 48” x 96” mirror – a big improvement over antique mirror of the past. You can even bevel it.
Finally, there’s the price: it’s surprisingly affordable. Tsing Glass broke the antiqued mirror price barrier, to fit your budget at a cost that’s about half of what you might expect to pay.Antique Mirror

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