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Air quality in Indian capital 'dire' despite new measures
12-28-2020, 08:32 AM,
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Wink  Air quality in Indian capital 'dire' despite new measures
[Image: jIC1kW.jpg]

Air quality levels in the Indian slotxo capital have plummeted to their dire levels after just days of tougher measures to combat chronic air pollution.

The Central Pollution Control Board, run by the government, said: New Delhi's air quality index level is 299, which is six times lower than it should have been.

Inderjeet Gupta, an ice cream dealer with a shop just outside the India Gate, said people in the city couldn't breathe easily.

India is home to 14 of the world's most polluted cities. With New Delhi ranked sixth The rapid increase in the number of vehicles And the release of toxic fumes from industrial plants Pollution from setting off firecrackers during holidays And dust from construction This increases the pollution in cities of more than 20 million residents at the start of winter. Making the public health crisis worse

As the researchers said Field burning in neighboring states is also responsible for nearly 10 percent of pollution in New Delhi. October is when farmers in neighboring states such as Haryana, Punjab and other states set fire to fields. Field after harvest to prepare the area for the next planting season Despite the ban And the smoke from these states reached New Delhi, causing pollution levels to rise.

Every year alone, Punjab generates nearly 20 million tons of plant waste, three quarters of that waste is burned. This is a cheap and effective method of land preparation. Burning plants is also useful in killing pests that feed on crops. And convert the residue into ash and fertilizer But the fumes released can lead to respiratory disease.

Farmers in India continued to break some of the ban due to a lack of financial incentive. Efforts by the government to control the burning of peasants have been less successful.

Ravi Kahlo, a farmer, said he agreed that burning humus was not the right thing. But poor farmers have no other choice.

Burning occurs twice a year after wheat is harvested in April and May. And after the rice harvest in October And November It will only be the latter part of the season when the air quality in New Delhi has deteriorated.

However, the Punjab state government has launched a mobile application aimed at investigating farmers' firing of crop residues. It promises to provide funds for the purchase of modern equipment to state farmers. And will take steps in accordance with the law to achieve the goal of eradicating the burning of plant residues.

And in dealing with such pollution problems The Indian government clarified that The government has put in place measures to help reduce the amount of personal vehicles on the road. Increase bus service And subway And discontinue the use of diesel generators

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