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11-09-2013, 12:25 PM,
Post: #1 script sell
We are selling our adnetwork script.
50$ per 1 pics
this script
Script details:
1.Pay per click and Pay per Impression
2. Default Ads
3.Country , Language and Platform targetted ads
4.Campaign Management
5.Campaign Reports
6.Country targeting campaigns
7.Ads Management
8.Ads Reports and Custom Reports
9.Text, Image
10.Mobile ads
Convetion and real time tacking
12.Funds management and funds swap between accounts
13.News Alerts and Support
14.Publisher Panel
15.Advertiser Panel
16.Merged Advertiser and Publisher Accounts
17.Ant-cheat and invalid activity detector and resolution module
18.Admin Panel
If any one want buy this script contact us: 9563782767

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