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6 ways to know which is the very lace wigs for you
06-12-2019, 09:37 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-12-2019, 09:38 AM by yolissahair01.)
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6 ways to know which is the very lace wigs for you
In the past, ladies wearing wigs were noble women. Every woman want best wigs, They used human lace front wigs, 360 front wigs as accessories. Nowadays, women wearing wigs are no longer a symbol of identity such as short wigs

This is just a modern pop culture. People wear fakes to decorate their appearance. The role of changing a simple hairstyle, matching different fashions, or modifying different face types. Five senses, and body temperament, so wigs because of its convenience, by the modern people's favor.

Miss Taylor, a very modern lady, is now an art editor at a magazine. For her, all the beautiful things are so pleasing, Miss Taylor also likes to buy a lot of clothes, bags, shoes. I believe this is a dream that many women have. It is like a princess to go to life. Although you may not be a princess, every lady should live like a princess. 

It is also an accidental opportunity to fall in love with a wig, Miss Taylor. I like to make hairstyles, and the hair is not very good now, then her friend said why you don't buy wigs, Miss Taylor said that the lady's wig is not true, then her friend said that the lady's wig is real. 

There is no difference between the haircut and the hair style made by one's own real person. When it comes to this, Miss Taylor is very heart-felt, thinking that this will not damage the hair, but also beautiful.

So Miss Taylor searched the Internet for relevant information and found that the wig mall Yolissa Hair has been in the wig industry for many years and should be good. Miss Taylor then consulted online. After a detailed understanding, Miss Taylor Very satisfied, I bought my favorite body wave hair bundles with lace closure through Paypal.

Yolissa Hair Official Site said how to choose a woman's wig. When choosing human hair weave, be careful. The first is to look at the quality, the second is to look at the beauty, the quality and the beauty are there, then the wig is qualified. It’s gone. Below I will teach you how to choose a wig according to the face type.

1. Round face type: You should choose straight hair with a high top and a straight line on both sides. The vertical line of straight hair can visually reduce the width of the round face.

2. Square face type: It is not advisable to leave the sea in a neat way. You can use an asymmetric tilting sea to keep the hair straight to the cheeks.
3. Long face type: The hair can be made into a curling wave type, which can increase the elegant taste. It should be loose and elegant, with a messy hair in the neat;

4. Triangular face type: It can be selected according to the proportional relationship between face type and hair style. When combing, the hair above the ear should be fluffy;

5. Inverted triangle face: Select the asymmetric hair style of the side split head to reveal a full forehead, and the hair tip can be slightly rougher;

6. Diamond face: The shape of the diamond face is wide and wide. When doing hairstyles, focus on the place where the cheekbone is prominent. Use the hair to modify the front cheek and make the forehead hair fluffy and widen the amount of hair, such as: raw hair. Short hair Wait. Leave the bangs to modify the forehead (tibia), and increase the width of the hair on both sides of the lower area. Only a casual hairstyle can be used.

In summary, I believe that everyone has some understanding of how to choose a woman's wig, Yolissa Hair is a professional real hair shopping mall, I hope everyone can find their favorite and suitable wig here.

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