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1 in 5 iPhone Users Felt Adventurous and Installed iOS 13 in the First Week
09-27-2019, 10:15 PM,
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1 in 5 iPhone Users Felt Adventurous and Installed iOS 13 in the First Week
No less than 20 percent of the supported iOS devices are already running iOS 13, according to data provided by Mixpanel. The third-party analytics firm claims that iOS 13 is mamba dating cheat running on 20.25% of the devices out there, whereas iOS 12 continues to power 74.66% of iPhones and iPads. 

As CultOfMac notes, 5.08% of the devices are still on an older version of iOS. Needless to say, the adoption of iOS 13 is expected to grow in the coming weeks, especially after the Cupertino-based tech giant released the very first major update earlier this week. 

"The risks of installing software updates on day 1" While installing new software updates on day 1 is something that so many people do these days, it’s also a very risky thing, especially because such releases lack the refinements that are typically achieved after the debut of the first or second major update. In the case of iOS 13, for example, iPhone users complained of various issues, including a compatibility glitch textnow cheat caused by a new gesture and breaking down certain game functionality like Fortnite. Apple was originally projected to roll out iOS 13.1 in late September, but the company decided to do this earlier, so the update was published this week in order to resolve some of the most widespread issues in the OS. However, there’s at least one major bug that is yet to get a fix. 

This particular problem allows keyboard apps to obtain full access on an iPhone even when denied this access. Apple acknowledged the problem and promised a fix discord nitro cheat in the coming weeks, albeit for now, specifics on the ETA aren’t yet available. The lack of fragmentation in the iOS ecosystem should help iOS 13 become the top version on iPhones pretty fast, and we’ll continue to monitor its adoption and report more figures when they are available.

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